Here are a few of the many topics in just one recent issue of NTSB REPORTER...

What happened to flight 743?


What did the FAA say, but the pilot ignored, that resulted in failure of the right wing spar?


What could the pilot of a Raytheon G36 have used to reduce the extent of his injuries

in an accident? And, what did the pilot do to cause the accident in the first place?


Why was the pilot unable to control the airplane after it lifted off and entered a slow right turn?

(HINT: It wasn't the wind, which was only about 11 knots and the airplane wasn't a twin.)


What did the pilot of a Socata TB20 Trinidad do which led to the lane touching down

on a taxiway?


What caused a Beech D55 to start rumbling and pulling to the left with no effective steering just

after touchdown?


What mistake resulted in explosion and fire on a Mooney which was at an airport in Florida?


Why did the landing of a Diamond DA20 turn out to be so rough?


What did mechanics do wrong that ultimately led to a Cessna's gear collapsing during landing?


What mistake by the FAA after an accident involving an Airbus A320 got the NTSB's attention?


Once you know the answers, we hope you'll be safe from having the same things

happen to you. But, this is just a sampling. There's always a lot more.


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put in the spotlight.


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